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About Swimrun

Swimrun is a relatively new team based endurance sport where competitors swim and run over multiple transition courses usually in a mix of outdoor terrain. All the equipment that you use must be carried with you on the course. 

Swimrun is a fantastic endurance event and focuses on experiencing nature, whilst respecting yourself, your partner, other competitors and the environment. 


Like a lot of endurance sports swimrun started its life as a drunken bet between mates. A late night with a few too many drinks ended with a challenge to swim and run between the islands of  the stockholm archipelago in Sweden, with the check in points being pubs or restaurants and the leading team choosing what the losing team would drink or eat! From this first beginnings a race called ÖTILLÖ was born, and has since grown into one of the fastest growing endurance events on the planet today. Over 10 years has passed and there are now over 400 swimrun events around the world and counting. 

Perth has only seen one so far, which is the absolutely epic Rottnest Island Swimrun ( held once a year. Competitors swim and run around Rottnest Island over 32.7km.


The Shoreline Swimrun Series is a series of 3 shorter sprint style swimrun distances totaling somewhere approximately 20km in length. We'll be hosting 3 events over the course of the summer, giving competitors a chance to race and train over shorter distances. An ideal way to get race ready for the Rottnest one coming in Spring, try out your first ever swimrun, or just to have fun and keep fit doing something different!

Each race will follow our beautiful shoreline in different locations up and down the coast of Perth. 


The Series

The Shoreline swimrun series is 3 races held at different locations over the summer.

Race # 1 - 27th February - Hillarys Beach Park -   

Race # 2 - 17th April - South Beach Freo

Race # 3 - 15th May - Western Suburbs

There will be prizes for winning males, females and mixed teams for the event and overall series win, and winners of each event will receive coveted swimrun shoreline trophies for the cabinet and the bragging rights of the events inaugural winners ! 

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